The reason why I started this blog was to help others out there with Diabetes. Or even non-diabetics understand Diabetes a little better. I want to cover everything a Diabetic goes through in their day to day life. Things like what food to eat or avoid, how the different types of exercise affects blood sugar levels. I want to share things that make my life a bit easier. In hopes that it can help you in even the smallest way. I mean the goal is live as normal a life as possible because Diabetics have the right to normal blood sugar levels. So I hope you will follow me and if something I say has helped you or not helped you, then let me know and comment so others can also be helped.


Follow me on my journey as I too, learn and share my experiences of being a diabetic in this day and age. I will cover anything and everything in a diabetes-lifestyle and share it all with you, from what certain foods did to me and what to avoid, to how exercise affected me and what I did. How i am handling the highs and the lows and managing to maintain a healthy fun filled diabetes-lifestyle.

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Anyone up for the challenge?

Make your own butter!

I would love to try this. โค๏ธ

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Did you know how butter was made a 100 years ago?

1 day ago
Why are T1Ds Dying at Higher Rates from COVID-19 than T2Ds? Poor Hospital Care May be to Blame

A very interesting read. Type 1 and coronavirus.

A new study recently released by the National Health Service in the United Kingdom showed that people with type 1 diabetes are significantly more likely to die in the hospital setting from COVID-19 ... See more

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I enjoy a glass of red wine from time to time and I always have a great reading thereafter
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Enough said...challenge accepted!๐Ÿ˜‰

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Stay safe and positive out there everyone!

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Remember you have the right to normal blood sugars

Cindy Atkins

Diabetes-Lifestyle Blogger

I was diagnosed with Diabetes at 34 years old. But I will get into how I found out in another post as that's a story all on its own. I must admit, it came as a big surprise to me. There is no Diabetes in my family, nor did I think I was sickly. In fact I thought I was very healthy, got enough sleep, ate right and did a moderate amount of exercise. Granted I always felt tired but I just thought I was over-worked like anyone else. I never knew what the symptoms of Diabetes were nor did I ever think to have myself tested. I will go into the symptoms I felt in another post. So here I am Diabetic Type 1.