The reason why I started this blog was to help others out there with Diabetes. Or even non-diabetics understand Diabetes a little better. I want to cover everything a Diabetic goes through in their day to day life. Things like what food to eat or avoid, how the different types of exercise affects blood sugar levels. I want to share things that make my life a bit easier. In hopes that it can help you in even the smallest way. I mean the goal is live as normal a life as possible because Diabetics have the right to normal blood sugar levels. So I hope you will follow me and if something I say has helped you or not helped you, then let me know and comment so others can also be helped.


Follow me on my journey as I too, learn and share my experiences of being a diabetic in this day and age. I will cover anything and everything in a diabetes-lifestyle and share it all with you, from what certain foods did to me and what to avoid, to how exercise affected me and what I did. How i am handling the highs and the lows and managing to maintain a healthy fun filled diabetes-lifestyle.

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3 months ago
How to Keep the Weight Off - Diabetes Lifestyle

Do you struggle keeping the weight off once you have lost it. Maybe keep these things in mind....

How to Keep the Weight Off Do you struggle to keep the weight off once you have lost it? The key is not to diet but rather to make a few lifestyle changes. A diet can help shake off a

3 months ago
Carb Guide for Fruit - Diabetes Lifestyle

Also strive to educate yourself about what you put in your mouth. Have a look at this!

Carb Guide for Fruit There is a reason why you are told to stay clear of fruit when starting your low-carb journey. In this post you will find out why berries are okay and why bananas are a huge NO!

3 months ago
Is Diabetes Denial Real? - Diabetes Lifestyle

Diabetes Type 1 is a very real disease and I plead with you to always look after yourself.

Is Diabetes Denial Real? “I don’t understand it, I eat right and exercise all the time. There must be some mistake!” Those were my first words after being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I was ... See more

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Remember you have the right to normal blood sugars

Cindy Atkins

Diabetes-Lifestyle Blogger

I was diagnosed with Diabetes at 34 years old. But I will get into how I found out in another post as that's a story all on its own. I must admit, it came as a big surprise to me. There is no Diabetes in my family, nor did I think I was sickly. In fact I thought I was very healthy, got enough sleep, ate right and did a moderate amount of exercise. Granted I always felt tired but I just thought I was over-worked like anyone else. I never knew what the symptoms of Diabetes were nor did I ever think to have myself tested. I will go into the symptoms I felt in another post. So here I am Diabetic Type 1.