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COVID-19 Visualizer

For those who want the stats
#stayathome #stopthespread

An interactive COVID-19 (coronavirus) visualizer that highlights countries around the world based on the most recent cases.

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Dr. Bernstein answers questions on diabetes management issues relating to COVID-19 .

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Morning T1DaFul's.
You got this!!

1 month ago
Use Hard-Boiled Eggs to Make Mini Keto Burger 'Buns'

Next thing to try

Fill them up with tomato, mayo, avocado, and bacon.

2 months ago

I can totally relate!

Yes please!

2 months ago
Peace , Love and Smiles

Very important.

3 months ago
The Keto Diabetic - Breakfast Edition - Diabetes Lifestyle

I have finally completed my very first keto, low-carb recipe book designed around Type 1 Diabetes.

I have had a lot of fun creating these recipes and I hope you have as much fun trying them out in ... See more

Diabetic Type 1 friendly breakfast recipes that the whole family can enjoy.

5 months ago

November is Diabetes awareness month!!!

Share for the sake of others who aren't being told!! Our Diabetes Awareness Month message is simple. It is a message you won't hear from the diabetes associations, the diabetes charities, or nearly ... See more

5 months ago

This is extremely tasty - Give it a try and let me know what you think...
Keto Mince Green Bean Curry!!


#diabetestype1 #diabetes ... See more

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