What a Type 1 Diabetic needs to take their insulin overseas

I recently went to Israel for my younger sister’s wedding and naturally I could not leave my life saving insulin behind – I needed every drop of it. I had no idea what I needed to take my insulin with to Israel, so I made an appointment with my Diabetes doctor (Endocrinologists) and he clarified everything for me.

So basically, you need the following:

  • A letter from your doctor stating that you are a type 1 diabetic and that you will be travelling to which ever country you are going and for what period
  • A prescription of all the insulin and extras (test strips, needles, etc.) you will be carrying with you on your trip
  • A receipt to show that you have purchased the insulin and extras (I used a document which I received from my medical aid/health insurance stating they had supplied me with everything

Another good thing to remember is to contact your health insurance and inform them that you are leaving and for which period. This is for just in case something happens over there, and you need medical attention. You can never be too careful with type 1.

DON’T FORGET – this is important- your insulin needs to be on your person at all time through out the flight! And if it’s a long flight remember to pack in enough ice packs to keep your insulin cold. By the time I landed in Israel, my ice packs were liquid and warm, and I rushed to get my insulin in the hotel fridge as the temperature there was well in the high 35+ degrees.

Always take and extra vial with! You never know if you will need it. I had to trash an almost full vial as it got to hot on the first day there.

So, I hope this little post has been helpful to you in some way. If you have experienced anything you might be willing to share with others out there, please leave me a comment!


Oh, and before I forget – enjoy your trip!



First time Diabetic Type 1 traveler – What you need to know to take their insulin overseas

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