Hearing Loss and Diabetes Type 1

For many of us, hearing loss would not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of diabetes Type 1.

But like all things diabetes related, it is a much bigger problem than you realize and boils down to high sugar levels that damage the blood vessels in the body.

But why hearing loss?

Just like in the eyes, the ears also have small blood vessels and we all know how diabetes tends to affect the smaller blood vessels first. It’s for this reason why eye problems are so common with us diabetics.

Same concept applies with the ears as found in the eyes, when small blood vessels inside our ears get damaged beecause of constant high blood sugar levels, this leads to loss of hearing and worst case, even complete deafness in one or both of the ears.

Can you tell if this is happening to you?

This is a slow process and it is hard to pick up on by yourself. People around you would most likely notice it first.

What are the signs of hearing loss:

Always asking others to repeat themselves | Struggling to follow conversations that involve more than two people |

Thinking that others are mumbling  | Struggling to hear in noisy or busy places

Struggling to hear the voices of women and small children | Excess TV volume which is too loud for others who are nearby

What must I do about hearing loss?

First things first, go to a doctor and have yourself checked out. Rather safe than sorry or in this case deaf as a door knob.

But most importantly – get your blood sugar levels under control immediately!! This one is not rocket science.

You are no good to yourself if your blood sugar levels are not in control because then it does not matter what the doctor tells you to do as all you are doing is working against yourself.

If that piece of cake really worth your hearing?? I think not!

I practice a low carb or keto way of life, which you can see by the recipes I post all the time. It has been incredibly helpful in controlling my blood sugar levels. So why not give it a try, if you are not yet doing so?

If you get a chance, check out my recipes page!

Remember there is only one you, so look after yourself.

Leave me a comment if you have noticed any others ways to tell if you are having trouble hearing.

Hearing Loss and Diabetes Type 1

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