Two ways to clear your mind and relax

1. Stop the traffic

Just stop thinking. Close your eyes and imagine the inside of your mind or back of your eyelids are a color. Just keep focusing on that color. By doing this you don’t leave any room for any other thoughts to pop into your head.


2. Meditation

Much like stop the traffic. Find somewhere quiet to sit, either on a cushion or bench and close your eyes. Your legs can be crossed if you like. I find the counting method to be best for me. I count till 10 on every inhale I take. Breath in – 1, breath out, breath in – 2, breath out and so on till you get to 10. Once you reach 10 count backwards till 1 the same way. Continue to do this for as long as you want to meditate. When you do find a thought creep into your mind, simply say I acknowledge you but you can pass and then you start counting from 1 again. It is a challenge to get to 10 without thoughts wriggling their way in but don’t worry just keep counting and watch your breathe.


How to clear your mind

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