How to do a Great Push Up

Today I will explain some common push up mistakes as well as give you some tips to better your push up technique!

How to do a great push ups

Like other exercises, if you are doing them incorrectly, you might hurt yourself and we don’t want that at all.

It can be difficult when you are starting out because of a lack of muscular strength. This can cause beginners to compromise their form. Don’t be stress though, we ALL have to start somewhere.

There is absolutely no shame in starting with wall push ups or push ups on your knees until you get stronger!

Follow these tips for a great push up technique:

  • BREATHE! It’s as simple as inhaling as you go down and exhaling on the way back up. We tend to forget how important it is to breathe throughout the motions.
  • Instead of pushing yourself off the ground, try to push the ground away from you. This will help you involve your whole body in the movement.
  • Try to focus on a spot on the floor just in front of you to lower the risk of straining your neck, always keep your neck in a neutral position. And under no circumstances look at your feet!
  • Make use of your toes to help stabilize your lower body.

Now that I’ve covered the do’s, let’s talk about the don’ts!

What to avoid when doing a push up

Don’t let your lower back sag

A push up is a full-body movement and do not just target your arms. Make sure you are using your core and your quads with every push up you do and you will notice the difference. When you use your core and quads, your lower back and hips are less likely to drop.

Don’t shrug your shoulders

Don’t bring your shoulders up to your ears as it is a common push up mistake. It happens for a couple of reasons: hand positioning, weak chest muscles, or because you are leaning forward instead of keeping a neutral neck. All of these place stress on the shoulders. To avoid this, build up your strength slowly with modified/beginner push ups and spend time getting your form right.

Don’t flare your elbows

You may end up doing damage to your shoulders if your stance is too wide. The positioning of your hands can make your elbows and arms spread out to the sides, putting extra stress on your elbow joint and on your shoulders. To avoid this, place your wrists directly under your shoulders and keep your elbows close to your torso at all times.

And those are the secrets to a great push ups

Rome was not built in a day, it takes time and practice to get push ups right! The great thing is that as soon as you feel comfortable doing them, there will always be ways to make them more challenging. So keep on pushing and have fun while you are doing them!


How to do a Great Push Up

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