How To Get The Most Out Of Your Exercise Step

Are you ready to step up your workout? Whether you are starting to workout again after a break or you just want to increase the effectiveness of your workout, I am dead sure you want to see the benefits of your sweating!

Why not add an exercise step?

If your goal is to tone your butt and thighs, an exercise step is a piece of equipment you might not have thought to include. A step can help add a degree of difficulty to exercises, making your body work just a little harder.

It does not need to cost you an arm and a leg either. Be creative and make your own one.

How do you use an exercise step exactly?

Now you may remember seeing a step in those old aerobics videos they use to show on TV, the ones with the leg warmers and leotards – you know the ones. Well there is a good reason they are still around. Exercise steps can be used for all sorts of cardio and strengthening workouts, using your own body weight, dumbbells or weights.

Just remember before using any piece of equipment, you should always take safety into account.

Adjusting the height of an exercise step

There are slightly different ways to adjust the height of an exercise step, depending on the type you have. But it is always best to read the instructions on the box.

You must feel comfortable with the height you select for your exercise step. It will depend on which exercise you are doing as you may need to vary the height from time to time. What I mean by this is, if you doing a squat you might have it on a higher setting than when doing a push up. Understand?

Tip: for lower-body exercises the higher the step the more difficult and for upper body exercises having the step higher makes the move easier.

Where do you begin?

Why not start with a few of these exercises. Please note I have taken some Youtube videos to try and show you what to do. So you can just click on the exercise and it should take you right there. At a later stage I will replace them with me doing it but for now I am still a little camera shy.

Split squat

Step tap


Reverse lunge and knee-up (without the barbell)


What are the benefits of using an exercise step

Improved balance and coordination.

Toning  – Stepping up and down work your leg muscles.

Gets your heart rate up for increased cardiovascular health.

Builds strength.

Now go out there and step away!

Do you use an exercise step at home, or for your gym workouts? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Exercise Step

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