How to stop muscle cramps

Cramps have a nasty way of putting an end to any workout, whether it is a leg cramp, foot cramp or even a cramp in your back (like I have been struggling with for a while now). Curious as to what actually causes cramps?

One of the nasty side effects of high blood sugars are cramps. I remember just before I was diagnosed, I use to suffer from agonizing cramps in my calves. They were so bad they would wake me from deep sleep and nothing I did could stop it. I had to just wait it out. Muscle cramps happen when your muscle forcibly contracts involuntarily. This can happen at any time of the day or night — the time that it occurs often depends on the cause of the muscle cramp.

One common cause, other than diabetes, is muscle fatigue, both during a workout and when you are resting. You have to remember exercise stimulates muscles and causes them to contract and lengthen, cramps can happen when your muscles become tired.

Another cause can be not drinking enough water which results in dehydration muscle cramps. Your body is losing fluids, which means it doesn’t have enough sodium and electrolytes, which are vital for functionality. This can then affect nerve function, causing muscles to contract involuntarily.

So how do we stop muscle cramps?

Plain and simple – we can’t! However we can try to prevent the chance of cramping by:

Stay hydrated and drink your water! 

Warm up and cool down when working out!

While the tips above are great for helping to prevent muscle cramps, sometimes you need a quick way to treat them when they come on!

When the cramp hits..

Gently stretch the muscle that is cramping.

Rest until the cramp stops.

If you are to give the muscle that’s cramping a massage. That can help to relax the area and stimulate blood flow.

Foods that help with muscle cramps

One thing to remember is that you are what you eat! So it does matter what you put in your mouth.

Having a shortage of the vitamins and minerals your muscles need to function can lead to cramping, which is why it is important to eat a well-balanced, vitamin-rich diet.

Pumpkin seeds

Thanks to the magnesium they contain, pumpkin seeds help assist muscles contract and relax normally during exercise. So sprinkle a few over your lunch or dinner every couple of days.

Sweet potato

They are loaded full of potassium, sweet potato helps ensure proper functioning of your nervous system and muscles.

Green leafy vegetables

The calcium in your leafy greens help with muscle contraction and nerve impulses which drive your body during exercise.

Stop muscle cramps in their tracks!

There is only one of you and you need to look after yourself! Listen to your body when it speaks to you.

If you have any special techniques that work for you, please feel free to share in the comments below.

How to stop muscle cramps

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