Tips To Manage Diabetes During The Holidays

When you have diabetes, the most important thing is managing your A1C levels. This might be a bit harder to do over the silly season especially when there is loads of temptations all over the place and indulgent dishes beckon you at every turn, it can be even more of a challenge to stick to your meal plan and keep your blood sugar levels steady.

It all boils down to planning!

Here are a few tips to keep you on the straight ad narrow.

Plan Ahead

If you are going out to a restaurant or to a friend or family members house for a meal, find out a head of time what is going to be served. This way you have a plan in place for what you will eat. Check out the menu before hand or bring your own small dish of food with. Family and friends will understand or select dishes that are lower in calories and won’t spike your blood sugar, such as vegetables and lean proteins. Remember to be careful of dips or sauces that can add hidden calories, salt or sugar.

Don’t Skip Meals

Try not to skip a meal as it may negatively impact your blood glucose level. Should your busy holiday schedule have you tied up, consider pre-planning and preparing meals and snacks to have for grab and go days!

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated and drinking water is important for our overall health and well-being especially while you are running around these holidays. The last thing you want it a headache because you are dehydrated.

It also helps you to keep full so you don’t have the urge to grab things that are not so good for you.


Be Smart About Carbs

Carbs have the worst impact on our blood sugars if you compare them with fats and protein. This is why it’s so important to be carb-wise, and go with low glycemic foods – carbohydrates that don’t impact your blood sugar levels as much, such as veggies or nuts.

Portions Sizes

Don’t let your eyes become bigger than your tummy! You also have to take into consideration how much you actually eat as this also affects blood sugar levels. Some simple guidelines for estimated portions:

One cup = vegetables

90 – 120 g = protein

1/4 cup = carbs

1 tablespoon = fats


Why not swap out the potatoes and rice for a cauliflower option. Most holiday recipes can be made healthier with simple substitutions.  Use Greek yogurt instead of high-fat sour cream, you could even replace  potato with sweet potatoes.

Check out some awesome recipes here! 

Slow it Down

Your brain takes 20 minutes to catch up with your stomach and let you know that you are full. So relax and take your time while you eat.

You will find you will eat a lot less calories and drink more water than someone that eats faster. Chew slowly and drink water in between your bites.


Stay active and move! Run around the block with your pooch or go for gentle stroll with your friends and family.

Don’t give Up

You are human and you might overindulge but please don’t give up. Acknowledge the guilty feelings that you will have and put it in a box and start over with your next meal.

If you have any thoughts or tips regarding this blog post, I urge you to comment. Now go out there and enjoy your holiday!


Tips To Manage Diabetes During The Holidays

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